Welcome to the third round of Twitter Vs. Zombies. Part flash-mob. Part Hunger-Games. Part Twitter-pocalypse. Part digital feeding frenzy. Part micro-MOOC. Part giant game of Twitter tag. This iteration of the game was built to serve, in part, as a networked icebreaker for the participants of Open Online Experience 2013 — but the game is open to anyone on the Internet.

Twitter vs. Zombies, or #TvsZ, is a game played on Twitter designed to demonstrate virtual community and teach new media literacy. For the three days of the game, you will have a built-in community on Twitter ready to answer your questions and construct a narrative with you. The game is made by all of our contributions, small and large.

If you’re new to Twitter or new to #TvsZ, don’t worry, we have a tutorial video and the basics listed right here on the site. You can check out the original gamesite or poke around on the web to learn about the game on your own. Just register (to the right), check the #TvsZ hashtag a couple of times a day on Twitter, and follow the official account of the game @TvsZOfficial on Twitter. For added layer of support or conversation, you can join our Google+ Twitter vs. Zombies Community.

Band together your most trusted Twitter allies to defend against a virtual Zombie horde. Collect canned goods, store water, watch your hashtags, and sleep with one eye open. The game will begin at 10am EST on Friday, September 13, 2013 and run through 10pm EST Sunday, September 15. 

Watch our promotional and tutorial videos below. We made them. They might be the last things we ever make.

Twitter vs. Zombies 3: Tutorial Video