Rules Update 10:00 AM EST September 14


A HUMAN player can create 1 hour of protection by writing a substantive narrative blog post that includes at least one visual element (picture or video) about the game and tweeting a link to it. The HUMAN player can pull other HUMAN players into the #safezone by including their names in the original #safezone tweet. The #safezone action tweet must include: #safezone, #TvsZ, a link to the blogpost, and the names of the human players included in the #safezone. Once in the #safezone, those HUMANS can tweet with immunity for exactly one hour. If a #safezone is #overrun, all humans in the #safezone are vulnerable to attack, whether they have tweeted or not in the last five minutes.


A ZOMBIE player can #overrun a human safezone by publishing a blog post that substantively responds to a particular human #safezone blog post and that includes at least one visual element (picture or video) . Once an #overrun action tag is used, all humans inside that #safezone are vulnerable to being bitten by any zombie whether they have tweeted in the last five minutes or not. The #overrun tweet must include #overrun, the link to the blog post, and the link to the blog post that was acting as a #safezone, along with narrative content. An #overrun tag does not serve as a #bite.


A ZOMBIE can #purgebite a human player, whether active or not, if that player has not tweeted 10 times in the first 24 hours of the game. ZOMBIE players must verify for themselves that the HUMAN they are targeting has tweeted less than ten times since the beginning of the game and then can attack with an action tweet including #TvsZ, their Twitter handle, and the action tag #purgebite.  If the target does not defend him/herself or is not defended in the following five minutes, the zombie may change the human’s status in the game scoreboard to zombie.

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