Rules Update 11:00PM September 14

Sorry for the late release tonight everyone! We have a few tweaks and some brand new rules we think you’ll like!

First, we’re giving all humans the technology to make their #safezones impenetrable for the full hour they are active.  What this means for zombies is that the #overrun game action is dead.

And now for the new rules:


A ZOMBIE may earn a #zapbite by composing a substantive blog post that includes a picture or video (see language defining “substantive” below). A #zapbite is an indefensible bite. When used against a vulnerable human, that player immediately becomes a zombie — no #dodge or #swipe may save him/her. A #zapbite may not be used against a human in a safezone, and if it used against a human who is not vulnerable, it is wasted. A zombie may only earn one #zapbite between this rule release and the next rule release (at 10am EST Sunday morning). A #zapbite tweet must include the #TvsZ hashtag, a link to the blog post, #zapbite, and the @name of the targeted human.


HUMANS can take a picture of a weapon (be creative — hit the zombie with a book, stab the zombie with an icicle, drown the zombie in a cup of coffee), attach the photo to a tweet and stun the zombie with the #weapon. The picture must be taken with your own camera, not something swiped off the internet, and it should be taken specifically for the game. Your text should include a creative way of using some random item as a weapon. A #weapon will prevent a zombie from biting anyone for 30 minutes. Tweet should include the #TvsZ hashtag, the @name of the targeted zombie, the picture, and the action tag #weapon. A HUMAN may use a #weapon every 30 minutes (similar to a zombie’s usage of #bite). #Weapons may be used from within or outside of a #safezone.

Rule clarification: #Weapon rule may only be used on one zombie at a time. #Weapon tweets with more than one zombie included in the tweet are invalid and wasted.


Definition of “substantive”

For the remainder of the game a blog post may only be counted as “substantive” if it is of substantial length (we are refusing to define this to keep anyone from bean-counting) that also does at least one of the following things: advances the narrative of the game, reflects on the actions of the game so far, reflects on the lessons learned during the game (digital, communal, or otherwise), OR collects and reflects on some of the player’s favorite moments of the game (with links, embedded tweets, etc.). Remember the spirit of the game here:  a substantive blog post earns us something in the game; we should have to work for it. Additionally, blog posts can be playful, but should do so without being offensive or aggressive.

Rule disputes

In order to highlight the communal nature of the game, any player with a dispute about a particular rule should open up a thread on the G+ Twitter vs. Zombies Community asking for a group ruling. He/she should then post to Twitter with a brief description of the dispute and a link to the dispute post (which can be isolated by clicking on the timestamp of the post and copy/pasting that URL in a tweet). All members of the game are permitted to weigh in on this by replying to the G+ post, and because this action happens outside of Twitter, humans and zombies can thresh it out together. Game admins will issue a ruling on the matter ONLY if, after 10 minutes, players cannot come to a consensus. In the spirit of the game, clearly tweeting a link to a dispute post will not make a human vulnerable to being bitten.

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