To hit the ground running, all you really need are the basics.  Master these rules before the start of the game for a solid foundation. You’ll need it, because the game moves quickly and the rules grow and change as we go…

Every game tweet must include the game hashtag: #tvsz.

Remember: If you forget the hashtag, your tweet won’t count!

If you’re a zombie looking for a bite, your tweet must include the game hashtag, your human snack’s Twitter handle, and your action hashtag, #bite.  Other than that, you can personalize the tweet any way you want. Get creative! Don’t forget that a human must have been active on Twitter within the last five minutes in order to be fair game.

If you are the unfortunate snack in this instance, you have the opportunity to evade your attacker with the action hashtag #dodge.  Your tweet should include the game and action hashtags and the Twitter handle of your zombie foe. Remember you can only dodge an attack once every hour, so pay attention to your timestamps!

If you’re the hero type, you can save a bitten comrade with the action hashtag #swipe.  You only have five minutes from the time a fellow human is bitten to save them, and you only have one swipe per hour.  A rescue tweet must include the game hashtag, the action hashtag, and the Twitter handles of both the biter and bitee in order to be effective!

Clarification: If you #swipe or #dodge and the threatened human is already safe, your action is a fumble, like tripping over a dead carcass as you fly to the rescue. Use your actions wisely.

If you can’t dodge and there is no one around to swipe you away from your attacker in the five minutes after a bite, you must succumb to your fate, die a painful death, and be reborn as a brains munching zombie. The game’s not over though! Now you get to join the horde and hunt down your own tasty snacks! Don’t forget to change your status from Human to Zombie on the scoreboard.

There you have it! You’re now ready to jump right into the zombie (Twitter) apocalypse! We’ll have rule updates every twelve hours that will change and add to the game, so watch the Rules page for new information.  These basic game functions will always stay the same, so you can refer back to this page any time for a refresher on the foundations.