Game History

The Twitter vs. Zombies experiment is derivative of open and collaborative composition classroom activities discussed in Pete Rorabaugh‘s and Jesse Stommel‘s article “Experiments in Mass Collaboration” on Hybrid Pedagogy. It is a social media and new media literacy version of the popular campus game Humans vs. Zombies.

The original game was played Nov. 9-12, 2012, in advance of Jesse’s and Pete’s presentation “Digital Pedagogy, MOOCs, and Mass Collaboration” at Duke University. Notes to that presentation are here; video here. The original gamesite is here. Curation of the first game’s material can be found by Jesse, by Pete, by Bekah Hogue. Crowdsourced reflections from players of the first game are available here.

The second iteration of the game was played Feb. 6-8, 2013, and was built and administered by students in Pete’s and Janine Debaise’s writing classes at Georgia State University and State University College of Environmental Science and Forestry. Gamesite here.

See Jesse and Pete’s article “Twitter vs. Zombies: New Media Literacy and the Virtual Flash Mob” published as a complement to their presentation for Faculty eCommons’s Game Elements for Learning MOOC. Presentation available here.

The third game is running now, from Sept. 13-15 via this website. To add add other links to collection, contact Bekah Hogue.

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